Tips for Composite Baseball Bat Care

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Tips for Composite Baseball Bat Care

Have you recently bought a composite baseball bat? Even the best baseball bats need proper care for you to expect the best performance. There are many things you can do to prolong the life of your composite bat, which we explain in more detail below. For more information on how to care for baseball bats, we recommend calling a baseball equipment supplier near you that provides bats for sale.

Use Your Own Bat

Each athlete should have their own bat. Bats that are used more often, wear out faster. For example, the youth baseball bat you buy for your child will wear out faster if everyone on the team is using the same bat. This is especially the case if some of the children are rougher than others when using the youth bat. However, if you take care of your child’s baseball bat, it should last a reasonable amount of time.

Your decision to let other players use your new baseball bat depends on the level you are at and the type of bat you are using. If you bought a high-quality baseball bat, you may be more protective of it than if you just bought something economical. A composite bat company can help you find the right bat for your circumstances.

Don’t Play in Cold Weather

Did you know composite bats are more likely to crack when used in temperatures below 60 degrees Fahrenheit? Playing in cool temperatures also decreases your bat’s performance so you aren’t able to play your best game. While we understand many athletes continue playing baseball through the fall, you’ll want to make sure you use your bat less in temperatures below 60 degrees.

Store Bat at Room Temperature

Baseball bats needs to be stored at room temperature, which means you’ll need to find a place for it in your house. We don’t recommend storing your baseball bat in the garage. Even if the garage is attached, the temperature can get quite low in the winter and sweltering in the summer. If you want your composite bat to perform well at the next game, you’ll need to make sure it stays at room temperature.

Avoid Rubber Cage Balls

Rubber cage balls are more likely to crack your composite bat because they are denser than leather-covered baseballs. Make sure that you use a batting cage that only uses real baseballs when you want to practice your swing.

Check for Cracking

Cracks in the bat’s barrel can be a sign it’s about to go dead. Keep in mind that not all cracks in composite bats are a bad thing. For example, spider web cracking is a sign that your composite baseball bat is fully broken in and performing at its best. You want the fibers in your composite bat to break down enough that baseballs easily bounce off, but not enough that the bat cracks. A dead baseball bat will need to be replaced.

Rotate Bat with Each Swing

Rotate your composite bat 1/4 turn after each swing. This is a good habit to get into so that your composite bat will wear evenly. The last thing you want is for your baseball bat to be compromised from a side that has worn prematurely.

BuyBats is a baseball bat supplier dedicated to providing athletes of all ages with quality baseball bats for sale. If you are interested in our selection of BBCOR baseball bats or other baseball equipment, give us a call at 1-855-312-3437.

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